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Border Collie Picture and Facts

Border Collie  – The Beset Intelligent Dog

Border Collie is considered as one of the most intelligent dog and best herding as well. Collie is very loyal to his master, very athletic and energetic dog. They are very easy to train and learn basic instructions very fast as compare to any other dogs.



They are also excellent watch dog and good with children. If you are planning to bring Border Collie as a pet then make sure you will have to spend at least 3 hours of time on daily basis to provide them mental and lot of exercise or playtime as they are very energetic dog.


Other popular name of Collie is working collie and farm collie. They are consider as good dog but only 2 health problems might arise i.e. – Joint and eye problem.


Few Facts about Border Collie 

Name: Border Collie

Life Span:  12 to 16 years

Weight: 18 to 40 kg

Height: 19 to 22 inch

Skin: Smooth or rough double coat

Color: White, Black and White, Merle, Sable.

Origin: United Kingdom


Cute Border Collie Photo Gallery

Total 11 wallpapers of Border Collie available in below picture gallery. All individual photos of Collie dog is in excellent condition and will feet best for desktop background. Cute puppy photos also available:

Border Collie playing with stick wallpaper

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