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Bhagat Singh Wallpapers

Saheed Bhagat Singh – Indian Freedom Fighter

Saheed Bhagat Singh is one of the legend from India born on 28th of Sep 1907. He was born in Sikh family in Punjab. He participated in several Independence movements during 1920-1025.


When Lala Rajpat passed away after British polish attack, Bhagat Singh decided to treat British a complete lesson. With the help of Sukhdev Thapar and Chandrashekhar Azar, he planned to kill James A. Scott however by mistake they kill John P. Saunders. This raise red alarm in British chamber and decided not to more continue in India.  On 23rd of March 1931 Bhagat Shingh was hanged and he sacrifice his life to save our Mother India. British was so scared that instead of hanging him on 24th of March, they hanged Bhagat singh just one day before. This teach us how we should be ready for our country,  help it take it into next level where our country would be Corruption free, and all people will get better life.


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