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Bee Wallpapers

Bees are common diversification of wasps and ants that are known as the flying insect. Bees are generally discovered moving around the flower to grab the tasty pollen grain. They are even the best source to derive sweet honey and beewax. There are approximately 9 different families and is widely identified as Clade anthophila. This even serves as the pollinating agent for the flowering plant that depicts cross pollination. Enjoy the beauty of the bee grabbing nectar from the flowers through long proboscis that look attractive.


Bees are one of the most important mechanisms of eco-system as they transfer pollen from one plant to another.  Bees are very social insects, live, work and fight against their enemies together. Bees would be very aggressive if threaten and one of the most aggressive bee is African honey bees found in United States of America.


Bee Overview

Life: 40 to 50 days

Flying speed:  10 to 15 MPH

Food: Nectar of plants and flowers

Color: Found in Yellow, Black, Orange, Brown and Black color


Bee Photo Gallery

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Cute Bee going to flower


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