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Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami, which is called as Shree Panchami or Saraswati Puja, is one of the main Hindu festivals devoting Saraswati, known as the goddess of the knowledge, art and music. It is being celebrated all year mainly on January-February, referred to as the 5th day of Indian month. This period is also the first day of the spring season.

Basant Panchami Date: 4th February 2014


About Vasant Panchami:

  • Usually celebrated on January-February time frame.
  • Goddess Saraswati is being worshipped.
  • Significance: the starting of life.
  • Also, known as the festival of kite flying.
  • Most appropriate day for any auspicious occasions like marriage, beginning of a factory, construction of house, etc.

Interesting facts:

  • In Punjab, especially in Ferozepur, it is also called as the Kite Festival. This Festival is indeed very celebrated in the whole city as both girls and boys buy kites and thread in large quantity just to fly them.
  • Goddess Saraswati is traditionally depicted in a calm and serene expression. She is being seated on white lotus and is adorned with pure silk white sari. She holds a book in her left hand. Both of her eyes are filled with compassion. The vehicles that are allocated for all three goddesses symbolically represent their special powers.
  • Devotees used to worship her in different temples. This is done by keeping some books underneath of her idol.
  • Traditionally during this festival children are also taught to write their first words.


Picture Gallery

Download beautiful Basant Panchami Wallpapers with Saraswati Maa on your desktop in this 2014 new year.  Choose from 10 HD pictures of Vasant Panchami from below gallery to share among friends & relatives:

Maa Saraswati on Basant Panchami Festival Wallpaper

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