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Barbie Doll Gallery & Facts

Barbie doll is one of the popular toy among children specially with girls. Barbie is actually a toy company (Mattel)  headquarter located in California, United States.  The very first Barbie doll was launched in 1959 which got huge popularity. There are several models of Barbie doll introduced including fashion model, college going, military, etc.



Name: Barbie

Full Name: Barbara Millicent Roberts (Fictitious character)



  • The very first version of Barbie doll was sold at $3.
  • On an average approx 180 dolls are sold in 1 minute across the world.
  • There are approx 45 different Barbie dolls based on 45 countries.
  • One of the popular Barbie doll version is ‘Totally Hair Barbie’. This doll’s hair is from head to toes.’
  • There are few real people like Valeria Luckyanova who looks very similar to Barbie doll.


Photo Gallery

Beautiful & cute Barbie Dolls wallpapers for free for kids. Download latest 2013 Barbie Dolls pictures and HD wallpapers from below gallery to decorate your desktop:

Cute Barbie Doll Wallpaper in HD with her blue dress

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