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Angry Birds Wallpaper

Angry Birds is a popular PC game played by kids and adults. It was released on December 2009. Angry Birds game was developed by 4 people and time duration to develop this game was 8 month. One if the interesting fact about the company is – they were not doing very well until this Angry Birds game launch.



Angry Birds is a puzzle game where user has to destroy pig’s house using angry birds as a weapon. There are several bird available in different color, each color has its own strength – Red, Blue, Black, White etc.


How Angry Birds Game Concept Came


One of the Company (Rovio) staff proposed a design ‘Bird face’ without wings or legs and the team member liked the design. This is the story of 2009 year when Swine Flu was on top headlines. The team thought, there should be an enemy and Pig would be the best icon as enemy because of swine flu.


Interesting Facts


The company ‘Rovio’ developed over 50 games but only Angry Birds got so much popularity.


There are 50 (approx) programmers working in Rovio on Angry Birds games.


Angry Birds Picture Gallery


Latest Angry Birds picture collection available, download super cool cute Angry birds wallpapers for your desktop background. All photos are in HD with high resolution that will feet perfect for your PC, enjoy:


Angry Birds Wallpapers for desktop

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