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Akita Dog Wallpaper

Akita – The most loyal Dog

Akita Dog is originally from Japan – a strong large breed. Its notice that Akita usually stick with one of the family member and very much loyal to his owner.  Akita can be used as guard dog as they were used for hunting purpose in old days.


Akita is a good family dog – good with family children and other member. Make sure to provide basic training during childhood itself and let him/her know that you are the boss. Akita dogs are very loyal – devoted and you can imagine – as soon mother Akita gives birth – she some time leave puppies on her master family’s care.


Akita dogs are used in Japan in Police, as a guard dog in home and hunting purpose. They are very much reserve with strangers and that’s make them a perfect guard dog. Akita is able to protect their family members if threaten and can be dangerous for others.


Akita Dog Facts

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

Food: Rice, Fish, Chicken, Sea plants

Body Colour: Pure white, Sesame, Fawn, Brindle, Red

Eye Type: Small, Dark, Triangular in shape

Height: 66 to 71 cm (Male) and 61 to 66 cm (Female)

Weight: 40 to 66 Kg (Male) while female is slightly lite 34 to 54 Kg (Female)

Temperament: They are very Loyal to their owner, Alert, Courage and devoted to its family.

Average Litter: 7 to 8 Puppies


Akita Dog Photo Gallery 

Collection of some cute Akita puppy and dog wallpapers available in below picture gallery. Download White – Gray and other color combination Akita dog pictures in HD for desktop background:

2 Akita Dogs HD Wallpapers

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