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300 Movie Posters

300 – Action based fantastic Movie

300 is a fantastic action movie released in 2006 year in USA. 300 Movie story is about Leonidas (the King of Spartan) who took his own 300 solider guards to protect his nation from Persian enemies. Leonidas fight bravely along with his 300 solider against 100,000 Persian enemies.



Movie Name: 300

Release: 2006

Actor: Gerard Butler as ‘Leonidas'; Lena Headey as the Queen of Sparta and Rodrigo Santoro as God King.

Total no. of Days to prepare: Just 60 days!!


Few Facts of 300 Movie

  • 300 Movie was finished in just 60 days and was very successful Hollywood movie.
  • As the 300 Movie demand well body built male cast, all solider went for 6 week hard core body building training to get in shape.
  • ‘King Leonidas’ was played by actor ‘Gerard Butler’.
  • 300 Movie was shoot in Montreal which is located in Canada.


Popular Spartan King Quotes: “Give them nothing. But take from them everything”.



Photo Gallery

Download 300 Movie wallpapers in HD and feel the strength of  300 Spartans with King Leonidas:

300 Army Wallpaper from 300 Movie

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